Hire remote legal staff starting from $12/hr

We place and fully manage experienced remote legal staff who can help with any legal or admin task.

Tired of dealing with employees who…

Cost Too

Hiring locally means paying exorbitant wages.

Don't Stay
For Long

Local staff often leave, causing constant rehiring.

Don't Have Legal

Most local staff don't have enough legal experience.

Are Hard To
Find & Hire

It's time consuming and difficult to find quality staff.

Take Up Office

Local staff require office space, equipment, etc.

You Can't Easily
Get Rid Of

Firing local staff comes with a lot of liability and headaches.

Feel Entitled &

Many local staff feel entitled or are ungrateful for their jobs.

Require More HR

Local staff require lots of time and resources spent on HR.

… and on top of all that, they cost an arm and a leg!

Remote legal staff can transform your law firm

Super Affordable

Hire remote legal staff starting from only $12/hr.

Pain-Free Hiring

We find, train, hire, and board staff for you.

Fully Managed

Everyone on your team is fully managed by us.

No Commitments

No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Easily Replaceable

We’ll replace anyone you’re not happy with.

Infinitely Scalable

Hire as many staff members as you need.


Hire remote staff that speak any language.

No Insurance or Taxes

Save on having to pay insurance or taxes.

No Employment Benefits

Save on having to pay for employment benefits.

No Office Equipment

Save on having to buy office equipment.

Qualifies As Case Cost

Your staff costs can qualify as case costs.

Lightning Fast

Get new remote legal staff in under a week.

What your virtual legal staff can help with

Your remote legal staff can help with any legal or admin task such as...

Administrative Support

Research & Documentation

Client Communication

Legal Process Support

Digital & Technical Tasks

Marketing Tasks

How remote legal staffing works

Book a Call

Book a call with us to discuss your needs and how our remote legal staff can help.

Meet Candidates

Review and interview three to seven candidates that fit the qualifications you're looking for.

Employee Starts

Employee starts working on a month-to-month contract under our supervision.

Where we hire from

where we hire rls

*We hire from other parts of the world as needed, but these are the most common

Staff benefits included in flat monthly rate

icons8-monitoring-100 (2)

Employee Monitoring

icons8-curriculum-100 (1)

Time Tracking

icons8-health-100 (2)

Health Insurance & Benefits

icons8-money-bag-100 (1)

Payroll Management

icons8-evaluation-100 (2)

Performance Evaluations

icons8-survey-100 (1)

Monthly Satisfaction Surveys


One-on-One Meetings

icons8-batch-assign-100 (1)

Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

icons8-course-assign-100 (2)

Ongoing Training

icons8-beach-100 (2)

Paid Time Off

icons8-schedule-100 (1)

Time Off Tracking

icons8-strike-100 (1)

Conflict Resolution

Say goodbye to resources associated with local legal employees


No Payroll Taxes


No Retirement Benefits

icons8-tax-100 (1)

No Unemployment Taxes

icons8-insurance-100 (1)

No Workers Comp Insurance


No Time Spent on HR


No Office Space Costs


No Paid Lunch or Breaks


No Equipment or Supply Costs


No Severance Pay


No Recruiting or Placement Fee


No Liability to Lay Off or Fire

icons8-refund-100 (1)

No Hidden Costs

How much remote
legal staff costs

All-Inclusive Rates Start From Only

$ 12
  • Includes all HR & management fees
  • No commitment (month-to-month)
  • Can replace staff at any time
  • Bilingual staff available

Local staff vs. remote legal staff

Local Staff
Remote Staff

Some of the legal positions we can help with

Virtual Legal Assistant

Streamline administrative tasks and preliminary legal research.

Virtual Paralegal

Aids in case preparation, legal research, and document drafting for efficiency.

Virtual Case Manager

Coordinate case workflow from intake to resolution for effective service delivery.

Virtual Intake Specialist

Manage initial consultations and case evaluations for smooth client onboarding.

Virtual Legal Writer

Write clear and effective legal documents to align with your firm and client-specific needs.

Virtual Lawyers

Provide consultation, representation, and legal strategy to expand firm capabilities.

Our Guarantee

Lifetime Staff Replacement

If you’re not happy with your remote legal staff for any reason at any time, we’ll replace them with another staff member at no additional cost.

Frequently asked questions

We offer remote legal assistants, remote paralegals, remote case managers, remote intake specialists, remote demand writers, remote lawyers, and more.

Remote legal staff rates start from only $12/hr and vary based on position and experience levels.

Yes, all remote legal staff are fully trained before being onboarded into your law firm. Everyone has at least 2 to 5 years of legal experience and many are actual attorneys who have passed the bar in their home country.

  1. Book a call with us to discuss your needs and how our remote legal staff can help.
  2. Review and interview three to seven candidates that fit the qualifications you’re looking for.
  3. Employee starts working on a month-to-month contract under our supervision.

We have dedicated recruiters hiring all over the world ranging from Latin America, the Philippines, and South Africa. 

Absolutely not. You hire remote staff on a month-to-month basis and can cancel at any time.

If you’re not happy with your remote legal staff, we can replace them anytime for any reason at no cost to you.

Yes, we offer an UNLIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you hire someone and it doesn’t work out for any reason at any time, we’ll replace them in one to three business days at no extra cost.

We’d love to answer them! Just click here to schedule a call with us to discuss this further.